Friday, August 1, 2008

Fun Friday: which dude is less crazy?

I have an internal battle in picking which performer has more sass, diva behavior, and good music between Michael Jackson and Prince. On one hand, the Purple One can play his own instruments, has showed his bare ass more times to count, and did one of the best sing-a-long movies to date (don't tell me when "Purple Rain" comes you don't clench your fist and pretend to have a cape on...that's a pretty shiny velvet). Plus, he still performs and does stuff like piss off Foo Fighters.

On the other hand, MJ had so many singles in his heyday, and his iconic status is hard to argue. He pretty much cemented the way we think about the Moonwalk dance in pop culture as well - but he does shit now like hang his kids over balconies and get terrible plastic surgery, so I dunno. Maybe both are in their own element.

I wanted to pit two videos of each wonder against each other, but what to pick? Ballads? Dance anthems? Songs solely about automobiles? Since the Soul Slam tomorrow is supposed to be more about grooving, I chose some videos to get us in the mood.

Arguably, one of the most memorable dance routines ever:

I also danced to this song when I was in high school:

Oh, wait. I can't post any Prince videos in comparision because he's kinda suing YouTube right now for being YouTube. Or something. How retarded.

Hmm. I guess we will only tell who will win tomorrow.

(And go ahead, try to YouTube any Prince video right now. There are non. Nil. It's tragic, actually.)

I'm also gonna post this M. Jack video too, because I fucking loooove the harmonies. Soz Princey-poo...way to be Internet-unfriendly.

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