Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tears of black, ohhhh my heart

To the maxx

Shame on me, but I have not seen "Control" just yet. I am a bad hipster. Last night I'm sure was an epic display of Joy Division fanaticism and adoration, though - did you wear your best fitted suit and wispy haircut? I hope we handed out Suicide Hotline cards at the end when everyone walked out.

Anyway, I was too busy watching my new indie rock boyfriends be British and stuff, so I was unable to make it out to the documentary and movie screenings last night. And, I was a retard and totally missed The Hold Steady and Loved Ones on Tuesday, so I am ready to bust it out. This weekend we got Dimitri from Paris on Friday and the Soul Slam: Michael Jackson v. Prince night on Saturday - tomorrow we will be hosting some sweet ass videos to get you pumped for the weekend, and if you have any MJ or Purple One requests, I'll be sure to include 'em in the post. Leave requests in the comments section, por favor.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SHOTS OF AWESOME :: Dizzee Rascal

Admittedly when I stepped into Mezz on Friday, all I knew from Dizzee was this song, which I used to pretend to know all the words to while dancing in my undies at an old apartment (you clap along to the heavy drums, and tell try telling me that shit is not addicting).

Thankfully, Dizz was better outfitted in much classier threads than my Hanes when I saw him, and laid down some pretty impressive rhymes to boot. I was really into the grime thing initially with The Streets, but considering the heyday for it was back in 2004 and Dizzee still has stuck around, I bow down to this East London native for still bringing the noise.

Also, he even gained a #1 spot in the U.K. recently with a song called "Dance With Me" that he did with my Scottish boyfriend Calvin Harris - it's a more dancepop feel with Calv's synth working to compliment his rapping skillz. That takes some talent, people. Additionally, the first 15 seconds of the video features some pretty scantily-clad booty (literally) and lots of the color gold, which is always fun for the whole family.

(Mr. Harris will be making his way out to San Francisco in October at our very own establishment...his hotness needs his own post though, so that will come later.)

For now, enjoy pretty pictures!


Some good friends of ours shot some incredible photos from Wednesday's Wyclef Jean show. I'll be sure to take some Allegra in plenty of time to witness this guy next time.

Jeff Luger:

Do you have any from this night? Send 'em my way!:

Meet my new boyfriend...(s)

Swoon. More on that later, I just wanted an excuse to post a picture of hot German men...

Monday, July 28, 2008

GET SCHOOLED :: Drop The Lime

We'll be starting a new feature called "Get Schooled" (a working title, as this is as clever as Jenz can get hungover on a Monday), where we spotlight upcoming artists with videos, photos, interviews, and whatever other educational tools we can get our grubby hands on. The first one ran last week; check it!

Drop The Lime: a New York producer and DJ who knows what a party should be! DJs from Argentinian spectacular Club Zizek and SF's Tormenta Tropical also join in spinning for you on July 24. Check out what you'll be on board for:


Did everyone else but me already know that Nomi from Hercules and Love Affair was actually...special?

Regardless of biological boxes, the woman could have been an alien for all I'd known, and it wouldn't change the fact that she has some fierce pipes on her. She totally gave Antony a run for his money during "Blind," and I still danced my tail off. But, sexuality is all confused now. And I keep thinking of this, which has absolutely no correlation whatsoever, but is still pretty entertaining. Oh, crazy Elizabeth Berkeley.

Also, apparently I was skipped over for the memo on Saturday's show, as I did not show up in or having any of the following:

  • Glitter
  • Sequins
  • Anything that got attacked by a BeDazzler
  • Feathers
  • Hot pants
I did dance with my hot gay friend Kevin, so I had one accessory at least. The trouble with shows like H&LA where I have no idea they have a huge homo following is that I ended up walking in and being subjected to a huge sausage fest, and I can't have any of it. There ain't nothing worse than a straight girl surrounded by beautiful men she cannot have. Trust me on this.

Anyway, I was really pleasantly surprised that live Hercules brought it, especially with the beautiful brass section and a great percussion with both live kits and a loop. And though it did sort of feel like disco almost made a comeback, Herc showed that a fresh spin on a beloved era in music can be successful.

That lingering sweat that rained on the main dancefloor was not cute, though. Reminder for air conditioning, stat.

Tracksuits, wave of the future?

Datarock has some mad redness going on. I wrote about their antics over at The Tripwire, which you can peep at below if you feel so inclined. In a Spin interview last year they mentioned that their main goal in life was to get everyone to don the same threads as them; me thinks global domination via comfy apparel is spot on.

Christine over at aestheta photography snagged some stills from the show as well; check it out!


Live - Datarock @ Mezzanine | SF


Here is my first beef with Norway's Datarock: dressing in frickin' red track suits means I think you're gonna delve into some grime or potentially a phat MC battle, not that you're gonna bust out an electro jam about girls with phantom penises or jump around on stage like a bunch of lunatics. (more...)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Wyclef in the flesh, plus this weekend

Our good friend Jeff snapped up some good Jean pix at the Wednesday show:
More to come as we sort through the epicness of this weekend: Dizzee Racal tonight, Hercules and Love Affair tomorrow, Booka Shade on dancing shoes are gonna be evaporated come Monday.
Also, how hot was last night at Drop the Lime? I had to drink a Red Stripe like water just to cool down.
If you are around at any of the shows this weekend, say hi, drink some, and send me your pictures, bootleg videos, and some love at Prizes TBA, always.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

That girl is a baaaaaaaaad girl

How did everyone like the Wyclef show last night? Boss? Bad? Drunk? I wasn't able to make it out as I suffered a huge allergy attack when I got home (damn you weather change), and I'm bummed I missed the opening act Kardinal Offishall cos I superlove this jam:

Sigh. Next time.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

You always need new music to listen to, correct?

Win me!

Win a brand spankin' new Hercules and Love Affair CD, courtesy of us at the ol' Mezz, simply by leaving a comment answering this question: what has been your favorite performance at Mezzanine so far, and why? Did you dance your feets off? Did you fall in love in the smoking area? Did you lose your virginity? Greek-related answers and nudity need apply, but mostly quirky and original answers will win my heart.

Hey, it's my first day, and already I am bestowing free crap among you. Don't say I wasn't ever generous.

Last day to enter is Monday, July 28!

Party people, say what?

Hello everyone! My name is Jenz, and I've been somehow elected to manage this blog known in the interwebs as Mezzanine's.

Scary, right?

What will you be in store for, you ask? I can't promise anything, but I hope to deliver amusing banter, witty commentary, and exclusive interviews and photos from the many talents that flock to our humble SOMA abode. Also, I like free shit, so be on the lookout for ticket, CD, and hug giveaways in your and my near future. We like to keep people happy, you know?

This is what I look like under club lights. Find me sometime!
(But in a totally non-creepy, non-asshole way. That would be terrible.)

Monday, July 7, 2008

The World According to Calvin

Booty-shakers and U.K. heartthrobs Dizzee Rascal and Calvin Harris are currently number one overseas in Europe. Mr. Harris blogs all about it on the MySpace, so check out what he has to say on the matter.

Check out Dizzee in two weeks when he headlines the Mezzanine stage on July 25!

Mos to the maxx

Our own Christine Peterson snapped up up some cool pix of Mos Def; check 'em out below as well as a review of the show from SF Weekly's blog All Shook Down.




"Def But Not Dumb" - Mos Def @ Mezzanine - Mos Def -- the Brooklyn-born rapper, actor and host of the HBO series Def Poetry Jam -- played two shows in San Francisco this week (Tuesday at Ruby Skye and last night at Mezzanine). The performances were announced early Monday evening, yet the short notice didn’t prevent what felt like over-capacity crowds, particularly at Mezzanine. (more...)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Summer 2008 lineup!

We compiled a fantastic Imeem player up at the top of the page for your listening pleasure. Not sure who Booka Shade or Hercules and Love Affair are? July artists playing at Mezzanine are currently featured in our playlist.

Happy listening!