Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SHOTS OF AWESOME :: Dizzee Rascal

Admittedly when I stepped into Mezz on Friday, all I knew from Dizzee was this song, which I used to pretend to know all the words to while dancing in my undies at an old apartment (you clap along to the heavy drums, and tell try telling me that shit is not addicting).

Thankfully, Dizz was better outfitted in much classier threads than my Hanes when I saw him, and laid down some pretty impressive rhymes to boot. I was really into the grime thing initially with The Streets, but considering the heyday for it was back in 2004 and Dizzee still has stuck around, I bow down to this East London native for still bringing the noise.

Also, he even gained a #1 spot in the U.K. recently with a song called "Dance With Me" that he did with my Scottish boyfriend Calvin Harris - it's a more dancepop feel with Calv's synth working to compliment his rapping skillz. That takes some talent, people. Additionally, the first 15 seconds of the video features some pretty scantily-clad booty (literally) and lots of the color gold, which is always fun for the whole family.

(Mr. Harris will be making his way out to San Francisco in October at our very own establishment...his hotness needs his own post though, so that will come later.)

For now, enjoy pretty pictures!

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