Tuesday, July 22, 2008

You always need new music to listen to, correct?

Win me!

Win a brand spankin' new Hercules and Love Affair CD, courtesy of us at the ol' Mezz, simply by leaving a comment answering this question: what has been your favorite performance at Mezzanine so far, and why? Did you dance your feets off? Did you fall in love in the smoking area? Did you lose your virginity? Greek-related answers and nudity need apply, but mostly quirky and original answers will win my heart.

Hey, it's my first day, and already I am bestowing free crap among you. Don't say I wasn't ever generous.

Last day to enter is Monday, July 28!


  1. the Black Kids, Cut Copy, Simian Mobile Disco concert, hands down.

  2. i loved the yo majesty show last september. i was right in front of the stage and danced my face off until i was a sweaty mess singing along to all of the songs. the lead singer saw how into it i was and handed me a drink. plus you gotta respect when a chick has the guts to rap w/ her boobies all buh-jigglin' around.

    love u, u hot mezz!

  3. 'Buh-jigglin' around.' I like that!