Monday, July 28, 2008

Tracksuits, wave of the future?

Datarock has some mad redness going on. I wrote about their antics over at The Tripwire, which you can peep at below if you feel so inclined. In a Spin interview last year they mentioned that their main goal in life was to get everyone to don the same threads as them; me thinks global domination via comfy apparel is spot on.

Christine over at aestheta photography snagged some stills from the show as well; check it out!


Live - Datarock @ Mezzanine | SF


Here is my first beef with Norway's Datarock: dressing in frickin' red track suits means I think you're gonna delve into some grime or potentially a phat MC battle, not that you're gonna bust out an electro jam about girls with phantom penises or jump around on stage like a bunch of lunatics. (more...)

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