Monday, May 10, 2010

Yeah, I'm a hustla baby.





MAY 29th, 2010 | 9PM

Mezzanine | 444 Jessie St | San Francisco, CA | 94103

Summertime 2006, the sun’s ablaze and you’re laying low in the lush landscapes of the lavish Dolores park, Quadrant II. Teacate in one hand, you hear faint melodic buzzes and bangs emitted via ghetto-blaster, owned by a tonal tastemaker stationed a few blankets away. As your ears tune in to tame the tantalizing tempo, you are able to make out the lyrics through a delicately woven web of psycho-sonic synth melodies, “yeah, I’m a hustler baby. That’s what my daddy’s made me”, it beckons. You can’t help but question, “WHO is the courageous culprit that catalyzed this cataclysmically catchy ear-candy into creation to embed its soul into my cerebral cortex?!”… only to discover that Simian Mobile Disco is guilty as charged.

Cut to 2010. Times have changed and those forward-thinking visionaries have adopted a newfound model of creative consciousness through the collective strife for meaning. They’ve undertaken a desire to develop material that captures only the true essence of the self through revelatory innovative reinvention. SMD has done precisely that with their aurally evolved masterfully manifested mountains of sound. Still catchy as ever, their synesthetic aural vision has evolved into one that is all their own- dark and delectable minimal techno disco delicacies, bangin’ bloody bouquets of ballads that invade your eardrums invoking radiant rays of rhythm. These rays have been cautiously captured and packaged up nicely to be served right to your doorstep at your friendly neighborhood nightclub, Mezzanine.

SMD’s astounding abilities are further aided by their astral list of accolades; a FabricLive series comp, tons of BBC Radio 1 airtime, and collaboration with colossal bands such as Florence & the Machine, Air, Arctic Monkeys, Peaches, Klaxons, Yeasayer, Hot Chip, Annie Mac, and many more. What are they working on now, you ask? Aside from an upcoming album that is leaning more towards the techno side of town, Simian Mobile Disco recently announced a new project called “Delicacies”, where every track will “take the name of an exotic, and often bizarre, delicacy from around the world”. Come see what type of Simian MobileDeliciousness they have brewing for us Friday May 29th, 2010 at Mezzanine.