Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Is the Dirty South still dirty?

We just announced the Nelly show in September (on a Saturday, no less - party on, Wayne) - does this mean I have to go buy a box of new white Band-Aids? Wear jerseys in the middle of SF's Indian summer? Or should I just take off all my clothes?

So many questions...

If you go to his MySpace, you'll see an uber-classy picture of said man in a slideshow of pictures of him in front of a bridge, reclining on a chair, and these sweet superghetto spotlights moving back and forth about as fast as caterpillars. Very excellent.

And although I'm not sure I can fully endorse someone with such bad takes at spelling, look at those "knuckles" on the 'Space that are being used to represent Nelly's aptly-named Brass Knuckles tour; are they diamond-encrusted? Super ass shiny? Topaz?

So many more questions...

big event

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