Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This is a true story

"Hey Wendy! Guess who is coming to Mezzanine next week," I asked my dear friend, who I was on the phone with last night. She’s recently moved back to the Bay Area from a stint being amazing across the planet, and our conversation had reached a good breaking point to talk about upcoming shows.


"This one singer...son of a guy named Alan Thicke..."

"Shut the fuck up! Are you serious?" and bursts of "What?!?!" was all I heard as I fell onto my bed in stiches of laughter.

"Sexual chocolate!"

"Did you just really refer to him as confectionary with a purpose?" I asked.

"Yes…and you didn’t tell me this when we first started talking? This is headline news. What is wrong with you?"

Apparently, this guy is a big deal. Or something. Who am I kidding, the first thing we all want to know is if Robin Thicke can live up to that last name of his. C’mon now.


But on a serious note, I am truthfully very excited to see what this crooner can belt out. I like indie and alt as much as the next Pitchfork ho, but I also very much adore R&B and adult contemporary music as it was the basis for a lot of my childhood (as well as Bone Thugs N’ Harmony and Puffy, but that is a different story). And, as much as I love Justin Timberlake (Robin’s other ‘white chocolate’ brother), Thicke does the falsetto and the suave better than the former NSYNC'er and with the greatest of ease. I’m sure he’s gonna just look at some ladies in the audience and they’ll get pregnant.

Keri Hilson is also opening for Mr. Thicke; I know her as a guest vocalist from Timbaland’s Shock Value record from last year ("The Way I Are" is a brilliant club anthem, albeit illiterate in title), but Wendy informs me that she actually did a lot of vocal arrangements on that album as well as has written for the likes of Usher, Britney Spears, and Mr. Tim. Pretty impressive if you ask me. I guess I’ll forgive her for this heinous video she did with PCD’s Nicole Scherzinger. (I mean, really? Hoisery as head gear? Not cute.)

Come get pregnant next week with me!

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