Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Human League is still, well...human + Hey British guy, way to be lame

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the dude of THL still sounds excellent live. And although I completely was the youngest person in attendance at Mezzanine Saturday (seriously...), I will always love "Human" unconditionally because it sounds like a love song and dancefloor anthem mashed together accidentally, and it was so completely perfect that it was the song that played as I walked up.

Iconic gems like "Don't You Want Me Baby" and "Fascination" also still are superb in all its synthpopnuwavetastic glory. And although the lineup as changed throughout the years and the art of the blips of synth has evolved, the Human League still showed me that my The Ladytrontatat Faints Chip would not exist without them. Plus, blonde backup singer Sharon was so fucking sassy with her sequined dress, I wanted to put her in my pocket.

But the highlight of the night was at the bar; being hungover as hell from the previous night, my friend Vroo and I ordered orange juices to sip on as we took a break from the dancing that started after The Human League took off. We got approached by a tall Brit in a suit who began working out his lines, and as I was trying to politely tell him we weren't interested ("'s a valiant effort, man, but no thanks"), he insisted he was actually trying to set us up to get to meet his friend. Having never been subjected to a wingman scenario, my interest was piqued and I nodded to have him bring his (presumably hotter) friend over.

"No, really! He's very cool, I think you'll like him. Be right back," he insisted. The Brit then grabbed Vroo and I's shoulders to face the wall, and we waited in silence side by side before we were tapped on the back to pivot around.

It was the same guy.

And I couldn't help but laugh.


The Brit looked mad hurt, and leaned in between us with his arms around us as his face fell rapidly.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" I asked as I wiped tears away. "That was the worst set-up ever, dude."

"What's your comeback?" Vroo inquired.

The Brit seriously stood there for about 15 seconds and then said, "I don't have one."


Maybe he listened to "Human" too many times...

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