Monday, August 4, 2008

I forgot my white glove...sorry guys

I got all stupid emo over at Conor Oberst on Friday, so I missed Dimitri From Paris...don't you worry though, I wore my finest bunny outfit out over in Potrero Hill in honor.

Or did I?

We did attend the Michael Jackson vs. Prince night Saturday, and I have to say that as much as ye Artist makes me feel way sexy and want to do naughty naughty things, I really think MJ won that night. His singles and non are just all classics around the board, and I found myself going "Fuck, I love this song!!!!" about 17 times that night. Also, "Bad" sounds so kickass over the PA system with the bass thumping through my veins, I totally flipped my shit. True story.

I'm in the process of picking my favorite pictures to spotlight here from that night from Suckafreeze, who were kind enough to snap some awesome party shots. Were you hella wasted and flashed some tit? Wore a MJ red jacket? Double fisted some drinks? Then you probably are on SF and should find your mug. (Girl who kept popping out of her top around 2AM near the stage, you are missing from this site. You were hot, but be glad.)

My favorite picture is here, and I gotta say to you two fellows: email me. I totally want to buy you shots.

(I'm serious!)

Anyway, I hope everyone had fun and that the two dudes who totally got into a fender bender around 2:30 by the smoking area were not too embarassed as we all broke out into cheer when the collision happened. Car accidents = bad, always, but y'all shook it off like you were in line for Jack-In-The-Box.

Unless, that was were you were going...

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