Friday, March 11, 2011

Prom Night 1986, Redux

Alright, so you know you fucked up the first time. You showed up one drink short of belligerent, wearing a lime-green blazer with tulip in your lapel, a tulip you picked from the neighbor's front yard, and okay, you said some things you shouldn't have said, at least not to your date, so you slinked back to the poundcake with Jed and took that final, fatal hit of Jim Beam, and thereby insured your virginity against any of the marvels prom night is meant to bestow. The rest is history - so say the historians. But history is ever and still in the making, and if Mr. Schwarzenegger can live down his ludicrous quotations to become Governor of California, there is a chance that you can finally redeem yourself. The fact is, gentlemen and -women, prom night 1986 has come again. This Saturday at Mezzanine, Drink:Eat:Play presents an 80's Prom Night, featuring two 80s cover bands and plenty of classics by Bon Jovi, Prince, Madonna, Journey, and many others. It's going to be a night full of taffeta dresses and ruffled shirts and all the other things you're too embarrassed to wear. Dust 'em off and put 'em on. And if you're feeling ballsy, drop a line to that long-lost date, that would be prom king or queen, that failed first, and invite them. But this time, get a rose, and stick to beer.

Get your tickets here.

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