Friday, March 4, 2011

Le Castlevania, Fukkk Offf @ Mezz Tonight!

Although Le Castlevania has toured extensively everywhere from Mexico to the UK, DJing alongside electro bigwigs like Justice and MSTRKRFT, Dylan Elland still returns to his native Atlanta, Georgia every month to fill his slot as resident DJ at a huge indie-electro party, aptly entitled “FUCK YESSS.” Dylan doesn't look like a Southerner. Dylan really doesn't look like most people you're used to seeing, with his lighting hair and piercings and model chic: he looks like a creature of the beat, and that's exactly what he is. Castlevania doesn't just spin, he channels the nightmarish ecstasies of some neon god. He's like a conduit to some alien boogie-land where they eat synthesizers for breakfast and rave 20 hours a day. His tracks are blistering, as his thousands of fans can attest.

Co-headlining is Fukkk Offf hailing from Hamburg, Germany. Fukkk Offf, whose Myspace page features an atomic blast photoshopped into a hand giving the middle finger, consists solely of Bastien Heerhorst. Impossibly, unfortunately, shamefully, Bastien has before never spun in SF, so tonight is going to be a first for everyone – and it'll be a hell of a first. Fukkk Offf is a master of fudgy bass, freaky vocal hooks, and beats that are downright sinister. His popular track “Rave is King” features a calm, tone-deaf, female computer voice crooning “Alcohol. Drugs. Overdrive. Noise. Neon lights. Party People. Can you feel it? Rave is king.” The guy's got a point. And he's out to prove it.

The show also features some terrific local talent. RealBoy is comprised of a duo who met in kindergarten (presumably at a rave): Daniel Gomez and Austin Jacobsen have been playing all around San Francisco, mixing old-school swing and Duke Ellington clarinets with pounding, irresistible beats. Also on the bill are Fabian Campos, spinning some excellent disco house, Robot Mafia, and MikeyyDrops, each promising to be fantastic. The upshot of which is that tonight's party is going to be epic.

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