Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Frite Nite!

Frite Nite is coming up this Friday at Mezzanine, headlined by the legendary Ana Sia, queen of the self-invented "global slut psy-hop", and with so many good words in one genre, you can't help but get excited. Hailing from San Francisco, Ana Sia is a pioneer of West Coast electronic music, and her set is not something you want to miss. This evening is going to be classy, so look - and drink - your best. Also spinning is Eprom, whose dub beats sound like they come from the bottom of a lagoon of hyphy, bubbling their way up and killing every hapless fish unable to shake its fin to a beat. Don't be one of them! The rest of the lineup is equally killer: NastyNasty, Salva, B.Bravo, Epcot, and Comma. Put on your tux jacket, short-shorts, and scuba snorkel, grab a cocktail, and get your tickets here.

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  1. tune into hear Ana Sia on KALX 90.7FM perform live + interview + ticket giveaways for FRITE NITE @ Mezzanine