Friday, March 18, 2011

The Incurable Bromance of Infantree

Infantree is a band that epitomizes the stunning creativity of youthful bromance. The members of this Southern California quartet are so tuned into each other that just about everything they write is quality - enough to get them signed to Vapor Records, co-owned by their long-time idol Neil Young. Their sound is a rich yet simple multi-layering of acoustic instruments and vocal harmonies - it would be easy to call it folk, but it's more than that. It's a blend of great songwriting, impressive musicianship, and most importantly, bro-love. Songwriter Matt Kronish says of his band, "They are my life and I love them." This is the stuff of legendary music. Ringo Starr once reminisced about the Beatles having the entire top floor of a hotel, with four separate suites, and all ending up in a single bathroom together, just because they loved each other (and probably to share a J). What makes this kind of kinship rare is that it can't be manufactured. What would be the chances of Lennon finding McCartney on Craigslist? Infantree is lucky, because they've got it, and they know they've got it. It would be easy to talk about the irony of how, despite the hundreds of shows they have played, including Outside Lands, CMJ, and SXSW, the members of Infantree still can't (or aren't old enough to) drink, or make a trite comment on how their age belies their great songwriting ability. But isn't it precisely because they're young and nappy-headed that they write such powerful music? Talent is talent, whether or not it can get into the club. And Infantree has it in spades.

Infantree's new album, Would Work, came out in September of last year, but they've also generously provided a bunch of free tunes available for download.

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