Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Partying with hippies and bowlers is actually more fun than you think

Herro! I'm back, lovelies. Apologies that it's been a bit quiet around the Mezzy bloggy, I stalked some band for a while and just am now over my birthday hangover. Will you take me back?

Of course you will. You need a drinking buddy.

So! Saturday! Power to the Peaceful afterparty! I knew I should have eaten that special truffle before I went over. But seriously, even though I was one of the few people who'd actually washed their hair that morning, I was really pleased to see everyone having a wonderful time. I saw lots of people hugging, dancing, drinking, and trying to touch those blown-up balloon creatures that were perched on the rafters. And while I can't say I have a full discography on reggae and jamband music, I was also pleasantly surprised to really like Michael Franti's Spearhead and All-Star Jam Band - I just couldn't do the 19-minute guitar solos. I felt like partying and falling asleep simutaneously.

Kinda hilarious that the night before was the big Lebowski party, no? I wonder if the bar staff ran out of White Russian ingredients. There would have been mutiny.

Anyway, if you have any pictures, stories, love letters, or snips to gripe with me on, send 'em my way to jenz.mezzanine@gmail.com. There's lots in store in the next few weeks on the blog...keep your eyes peeled for free stuff (yeah, I said it).

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