Thursday, September 25, 2008

Everyone needs some free swag! (aka, enter here for your free ish)

What's up party people!

(Sorry, I think I had too much coffee tonight - or maybe not enough)

I come bestowing more gifts. MSTRKRFT is playing next week, and I am almost tempted to drop some hallucenegetic drugs to witness this new light show that's gonna pop (no, Mom, I'm not going to - Ed.). So, we're doing this cool swaggy thing where if you're interested, you can comment on this entry and get some sweet T-shirt and turnable scratch pads f-r-e-e of charge sent to you if you'd like them cos really - everyone knows you need that shit when you least expect it. You can also email me if you're more shy like that. I'll be nice.

(EDIT: We actually did not end up getting our hands on scratch pads, but instead offer sweet MSTRKRFT CDs instead. I got a handful left of 'em, so let me know if you're still down for either/or. I'll close shop on Wednesday, October 8 for sending goodies out! - Ed. 10/6)

Also, should you purchase more than two tickets to the show, you will be entered into a drawing to win a free drink card worth $25 at the Mezzanine bar, which, if you've been here before, know that it can come in handy. We only have a couple of these though, so buy buy buy!
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  1. where's your email? I want some mats and a t-shirt!!

  2. hey - it's holla!

  3. jenz!

    I'm super duper stoked for that pill-poppin' light show... We've been MSTRKFRT fans since they played with Justice HELLLLLLLLLA days ago... I think there were only, like, 50 peeps at that shit. The floor cleared when Justice played We Are Your Friends because everyone went onstage. Crazy. Now we'll probably be crammed in like sardines sweating our ass off and blowing the souls out our shoes. Can't wait!!!

    I want free swag!

  4. MSTRKRFT!!! SO SO ready to party.

  5. thanks for the emails loco/lauren - kayvon, where you at beezy?

  6. Cannot wait for the show tonight @ Mezzanine! Ready to dance my ass off! Scratch pads and shirts would be nice too! = )

  7. hey Jenz, do you still have scratchpads? Yo quiero

  8. hey ally, just updated the post - we ended up not getting scratch pads like we thought, but have some CDs instead. lemme know if that flys with you.