Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I almost took off my clothes

So before I get into the insanity of this weekend, I'm going to gloat (I mean, be extremely modest): I already had tickets to see Janet Jackson of the Saturday of Mezzanine's Nelly show, but as we all know, it was canceled so that dude could open for her in Oakland. And let me tell you - I could see that guy's pecks from a mile away (well, the back row of section 105 at least). No "Country Grammar," but "Hot In Herre" is still a fun jam to visualize getting naked too, as evidenced by a crazy old white guy in a pinstripe suit who was dancing to this song in front of us.

Nelly also came on stage with the Goddess herself to do their duet "Call On Me," and they hugged after. So cute.

The Treasure Island Music Festival this past weekend was a success - I danced, I drank, I rode a fucking Ferris Wheel. I also met my new boyfriend:

Isn't he adorable? You can read more about that here if you're inclined.

The free afterparty at Mezzanine was really late, I admit, but I think worth it: I got to hear "Cassius" by Foals a second time, and my friend Morgan got a really nice screenprinted T-shirt outside in the smoking area, courtesy of the folks over at Antics. We were only able to stay for a song or two of Tilly and the Wall, as our healthy and nutrious dinner of Del Taco was starting to catch up to us. And, I still think "The Beat" sounds like Gloria Estefan being contracted to write a song for Disney. Does that make it bad?


  1. cutie smilez...

    i was fortunate enough to be graced with your presence and questions at the treasure island music festival...i never got my dance at the after hours though...no worries im definitely going to be looking out for you!

    till then...

    Booty Shaker

  2. kristin! stop playing with my heart.

    this is you, right?

  3. that first anonymous message was not from your friend Kristin...it's from somebody you interviewed at the festival...I was walking around and in the corner of my eye i noticed how incredibly cute you were and you noticed me noticing you and called me over for an interview. then you put me on the quest list for the after hours party and i saw you there and also said hello. unfortunately i was completely fried by all the herb i had burned and the beatings from the wind and sun and not being home all day that i was completely out of it and didn't ask you for a dance.. . . ..

    hope to find you again someday