Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The hottest event in 1989.

Date: Friday, April 9, 2010 1:26pm

House Arrest Featuring:
Azari & III (Toronto)
with DJs (in no particular order):
Jeno, Conor, Solar, Derrick Love, Black Shag, Ken Vulsion

Venue: Mezzanine | 444 Jessie St | SF | 9PM - LATE | $7 Before 11 | $10 After 11

A dark, rolling, driving, pulsating, plummeting rhythm takes you deep into a late 80s timewarp while mysterious ethereal whispers seduce you to stay…
City life. 1989. The sun just went down and you find yourself driving down the cold chromatic city streets. Prowling the desolate dusk-filled avenues emerges a dark decadent vampire-disco vortex. Beaming shards of acidic laser synth-stabs erupt out of analog 303s & 808s and embed themselves into the crevices your cerebellum summoning the memory banks of 1989. Indescribable feelings of nostalgia overtake you and physiologically manifest as goosebumps on your forearms and neck.

Crystalized android gems Azari & III emerge from the time capsule, 303s in hand, emitting cerebral surges of sound in the form of kaleidoscopic avant acid artistry. After looking into the timeless prism of the past, these wistful revivalists mold the sound of the future.
Azari & III exhibit a deep-seated understanding of the oneness that binds 1990 to its baby brother 2010 by brewing mercurial masterpieces of digital meets analog. Their ability to reinterpret acid while nurturing nostalgia with an innovative new school flair causes even the most musically masterminded tastemaker, John Maclean himself, to tweet about how awesome they are.

Amidst a sea of blogs and musical downloads at one's fingertips- in an age where the extent of someone "listening" to a song consists of clicking to 4-6 random spots on an itunes playbar, we often lose sight of quality music. Azari & III will quench your hunger for quality with songs such as “Hungry for the Power”, a jam that eloquently demonstrates their knowledge of the genre without being clouded by the overwhelming decisions of which ableton VST preset to choose. The video for “Hungry for the Power was described as “one of the finest videos anyone could have hoped to see this year, re-imagining the jackhammering narrative to American Psycho as a Paris is Burning inspired gorefest, where shade is deadly and men in sharp suits always get their comeuppance.” -- 20JazzFunkGreats

They will bring the sheer love and passion to revive forgotten acid classics to the dancefloor via: Trax Records, Frankie Knuckles, Jamie Principle, Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins, Phuture, and many more.
The ghost of Chicago acid house will continue to jack the city streets.
It’s next stop: Mezzanine San Francisco, Friday April 9, 2010.

Watch: Azari & III - Hungry for the Power

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