Friday, March 20, 2009

Be Your Own Rachel Zoe

As stylists have emerged from the shadows of the fashion industry to take center stage, more and more of us have thought to ourselves, I could do that... Now you can put your money where your mouth is and be judged by a community of your peers and industry professionals alike on Chictopia.
Putting together a savagely stylish outfit to go see Busy P and Bootsy in at Mezzanine tonight? Put it on Chictopia. Want to see how others with your same look or body type are pulling off this season's trends? Search it on Chictopia. Want to get in on sweet deals and unique industry opportunities? Chictopians have been used as American Apparel models, won coveted Fashion Week access and internships, and can now win web exposure and cash money (let's face it, gift cards to Target are as good as the green stuff) through Chictopia's new partnership with Refinery29.

So, next time you're watching Rachel Zoe or Patricia Field on E!News and thinking, I could do that... Prove it. Send your links to me (bonus points for shots taken at Mezzanine shows!), and I'll follow up here with a MezzRx compilation of style.

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