Thursday, February 12, 2009


While an official MezzRX "Mission Statement" (read: MANIFESTO) is still being drafted, we, at Mezzanine, feel lucky to be surrounded by a vibrant community of creative spirits, just as we have the privilege of interacting with a constant stream of touring national and global artists and musicians.

One of our goals in starting this "blog" was to serve as a creative catalyst, whilst also highlighting homegrown talent and bridging the gaps between segregated music "scenes." We feel particularly excited when local entrepreneurs and visionaries team up and take initiative, hence our delight at welcoming a fresh new label, based in SF, onto the scene.

We are proud to present UNICRONS, and we eagerly await their label LAUNCH PARTY on February 21st at Mezzanine!

We asked Patric Fallon and Frank Lipari, the talking head impresarios behind UNICRONS to mull upon and muse over some questions and were so thrilled with their responses, we left them in their unabridged, un-edited format, below.

And here are three mp3 tracks from UNICRONS' freshest artists:

Tenderlions - Going Back to Cali (Remix)

Media - Party Frames

Futuristic Prince - By Any Other Name

"There are many parties in San Francisco: what separates the UNICRONS party 'Work' from the other events?"

Since moving to San Francisco 6 years ago I've always wanted to go to a party where kids from every "scene" in the city could come together under the flag of good times, good music, and good people. I found it was surprisingly difficult to accomplish, and I just ended up defaulting to the other parties that were already going on.

While attending these assorted events I felt like there was an overall lack of people actually having fun. The parties in the city seemed to cater to those who were more interested in posturing in the corner with a drink in their hand and posing for photographs instead of running to the dancefloor to act like a complete fool when their favorite song came on. I noticed that things were sort of cliquey, almost like high school. Only certain people would go to certain clubs or certain parties, and it seemed near impossible for different minded people to break into their fold. As soon as I got a chance I started WORK so that I could make sure the DJs and live music acts that I booked would bring with them the spirit the other parties in SF were lacking, and that all people interested in going out would feel welcome. I mean, everyone has to WORK!

Bands like Tenderlions and Loose Shus and DJs like RCHRD OH?! and Hotthobo are some of the best local acts in town. When people come to WORK to see them play they come because they love their music and they know we'll cater to them having an uninhibited, stupid good time free of the standoffish attitude that plagues so many parties. I try to look at it as a communal effort. We have the DJs, the live acts, the visual artists, the photographers, the bartenders, and the bar (Underground SF is easily the most fun bar in the city) all pooling together to have 4 hours of unstoppable good times once a month. There's no separation between the performers and the crowd. Everyone is coalescing into a big, sweaty throng of awesome. There's something just a little magical in that.

The SF Guardian called our party "hyper-energetic" (in a good way) and I've had multiple people tell me that when they go to WORK they're reminded of why they loved dancing to electro in the first place. I never expected such a positive response. In fact, I never thought people would catch on that I was trying to do something different for the night life scene. The formula is simple: drop your inhibitions at the door, grab a drink, get down, and DO WORK. -PF

"What does UNICRONS hope to achieve in SF and nationwide?"

UNICRONS endeavors to provide an all-inclusive source for quality music to the world. Our slogan "WE OWN YOUR SCENE" implies arrogance, however we look at it as confidence in our artists to represent the very best in different genres. We are not creating a niche in any genre market, but instead offering a wide range of music from metal to pop to electro. Our long term goals include stretches into all things cultural; art, literature, and fashion. -FL

"What makes it a label distinctive to SF?"

UNICRONS hatched in SF. Half of those involved with the label live here. We even started a monthly party in the city called WORK. Providing quality ANYTHING has always been at the forefront of what we do. -FL

"What sets UNICRONS apart from the current SF music scene?"

The nature of the current SF music scene tends to be focused around the electronic/dance/club and the indie/rock/folk circles. Most of those involved in either groups are fans of a wide range of music. UNICRONS seeks to unify all with a passion for art, music, and culture. We have a very distinct vision for the visual aesthetic of all we come in contact with as well as the nature of the music we proliferate. We are not a part of any scene, we strive to create a NEW one; all-inclusive and centered around quality and not popularity. -FL