Monday, October 6, 2008

Who are you people?

Making the dance floor shake under my feetsies and having a raucous time at 12:30 in the A.M. on God's day...

Shame on you.

But seriously, how fucking phenomenal was last night's show? I swear to God I'm gonna marry an Australian. In Ghost Colors is one of my favorite albums of this year, and Cut Copy killed it. Haters aside, beezy. Plus, I think my ears are still ringing from The Presets' bass-heavy, drum-drooling "My People." How do two dudes make so much noise between them?

Let's not even talk about how ____ Heartbreak was. I'm still recovering.

More commentary to follow, but here are some snaps we found over on Flickr:

From MakeYouSick:
The Presets
Cut Copy

From Ario:
Cut Copy

I was standing about here, and the sound still was seamless. Bravo, dear Aussies.


  1. Hi Jenn, any idea who was the DJ playing that night? he played some song with a lyric that went something like

    "i heard it from my heart"

    that song was so good, my girlfriend and i have been trying to find out who that is. any idea the DJ or maybe even the song? thanks jenn, great review btw, the presets are insanely good.

  2. hey tim! the DJ that night was miles from LIVE 105 - i think you can contact him through the radio station's website. i'm curious to know what the song was too!

  3. i also know that there was some pre-recorded stuff that played too, so you might still be on your search...